1. Call to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Application Permit to Solicit
1. L-2017-42 : Renewal by Anderson
2. L-2017-43 : Sunrun Solar
4. Public Hearing
i. Application for BV License Transfer
1. L-2017-35 : Bricco to Twisted Hop Tavern
2. L-2017-34 : Thai Fusion to Greenway Bistro
5. Application for Victualling License
a. L-2017-39 : Twisted Hop Tavern
b. L-2017-38 : Greenway Bistro
A. Call to Order
B. Presentation RI Office of Energy Resources
C. Presentation SMMA LHS Add Reno Project
D. Consent Agenda
1. Minutes Approval
2. Consideration of Monthly Bills
1. RPT-2017-76 : Monthly Bills October 2017
documentReport Printout
3. Claims for Referral to Committee
a. CLAIM-2017-24 : Heather Fontaine
4. Pole Placement
a. COMM-2017-63 : National Grid East Lantern Road
documentCommunication Printout
5. Communications
1. State Mandated Financial Reports
1. RPT-2017-69 : Monthly Report - Finance October 2017
documentReport Printout
2. COMM-2017-64 : Target
documentCommunication Printout
6. Reports
1. Town Administrator
a. COMM-2017-65 : Director of Personnel
documentCommunication Printout
b. RPT-2017-70 : Monthly Report: Human Services
documentReport Printout
c. RPT-2017-71 : Monthly Report: Town Clerk
documentReport Printout
d. RPT-2017-72 : Monthly Activity Report: Public Safety
documentReport Printout
e. RPT-2017-73 : Monthly Report: Library
documentReport Printout
f. RPT-2017-74 : Monthly Report: DPW
documentReport Printout
7. Tax Abatements
1. RPT-2017-75 : October 2017 Tax Assessor Abatements
documentReport Printout
E. Public Comment
F. Communication
1. COMM-2017-66 : Denise Potvin
documentCommunication Printout
G. Appointments
1. APPT-2017-16 : Tax Board of Review
documentAppointment Printout
2. APPT-2017-10 : Zoning Board D2
documentAppointment Printout
H. Unfinished Business
1. Claims Committee Report
a. CLAIM-2017-23 : Frank Pontarelli
2. Capital Improvement Committee Report
I. New Business
1. Ordinances for Introduction and Referral to Committee
1. ORD-2017-3 : Zoning Ordinance Amendment
documentOrdinance Printout
2. Resolutions for Introduction for Referral to Committee
a. RES-2017-31 : Authorize Cancellation of Certain Taxes October 2017
documentResolution Printout
b. RES-2017-32 : Contract Ratification DPW
documentResolution Printout
J. Adjourn